Edward Miller is the CEO of TechEdventures, Inc., an organization committed to integrating technology with school innovation and community empowerment programming that he successfully launched in 1998. (See more of his story…)


Jocelyn Carter-Miller is President of TechEdVentures, Inc., a community empowerment firm that educates and inspires children, families, and the broader community through the development and management of charter schools, community-based programs, and       (See more of her story…)


Dr. Chandra Phillips our school Director, has dedicated herself to achieving excellence for all of her students. Her philosophy is,“I believe that all children are entitled to a world class education, whereby, they are provided with the requisite resources to fully achieve their academic goals. It is also my belief that education is personal, and should be individualized to meet the individual needs of students. And, I also believe that a positive academic attitude is a catalyst that creates extraordinary results.”


Mr. Sheriffee Humphrey currently serves as Assistant Principal and Lead Administrator at Eagle Charter Academy. He has served as an administrator for the past three years. Mr. Humphrey is dedicated to helping students realize there academic potential. He is committed to teaching and learning and the overall success of our school(s).


Mr Joedaphnee E.  Metayer currently serves as an administrator and math coach at Lauderdale Lakes Education Complex.  My experiences and background in the field of mathematics have given me the opportunity to help others and to serve children.  My passion is to see children excel and grow mentally, also to encourage them to study mathematics.

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