About Us


New Vision Children’s Foundation saw a critical need for children in central Broward County to have an educational alternative to overcrowded classrooms, inconsistent discipline, and academic underachievement. Eagle Charter Academy (ECA) obtained approval from the Broward County School District and opened as a 6th- 12th grade college preparatory school in August 2003. The initial student population came from local public schools in the Lauderhill and Lauderdale Lakes communities. ECA has become a community source for educational information, cultural enrichment, and community activism.


Eagle Charter Academy’s mission is to improve academic performance, self-esteem, and social responsibility of all students by empowering and connecting them to broader curriculums and communities through computer/communication technology.

Eagle’s mandate is to ensure all children become high achievers with the necessary skills for success in our rapidly changing world.

Current Programs, Activities and Accomplishments

Eagle is as a college preparatory high school, offering students a unique career opportunity to study industry-related courses to prepare for and enhance their opportunities for employment and higher education. Eagle’s school design incorporates an academy model that allows students to concentrate on the area that interests them the most through their academic courses as well as career-related experiences. Eagle strives to prepare underserved minority high school students for post-secondary education and the labor market.

Community Need

The greatest ideal held by the leadership and staff of ECA is the overwhelming urgency to address the needs of the youth in our community. The Lauderhill/ Lauderdale Lakes communities have long been identified as and area of highest population of at-risk youth in Broward County. From its inception ECA has dedicated its efforts to provide a safe nurturing environment that addresses the educational needs of its students while taking great care to preserve the rich cultural influences of a diverse community.

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