Director’s Message

Dr. Phillips

Dear Parents/Guardian:

Happy New Year! As we look forward to the New Year and all that it promises for our students, we implore your support, cooperation, and involvement to continue a level of excellence in existence at Lauderdale Lakes Educational complex. Ergo, we encourage you to work with your child(ren) and the school to attain higher standards of excellence both academically and socially.

For the 2010-11 school year, portions of FCAT 2.0 will be computer-based. The following assessments will be computer-based only [with paper versions for students whose individual education plans (IEPs) indicate this accommodation]:

  • Grade 10 FCAT Mathematics
  • FCAT Mathematics Retake
  • Algebra 1 End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment
  • Biology and Geometry EOC Field Tests (no paper-based accommodations)

Your child will have opportunities at school to practice for these tests. Also, a site address is provided for additional opportunities for your child(ren) to practice at home. Moreover, a letter is enclosed explaining this year’s computer-based testing.

Hence, in keeping with our standard of excellence, we endeavor to make gains on FCAT 2.0 to ensure continuous levels of growth. Thus, our students will need to workharder and become more focused in order to accomplish our goals. Hence, faculty and staff will continue to provide and promote academic opportunities for every child to performexceptionally well on the FCAT 2.0. Accordingly, opportunities are provided viaExtended Learning Opportunities (ELO) such as pull-outs, push-ins, Saturday FCAT Academy and Parent FCAT Night.

Parents please encourage your child(ren) to attend Saturday FCAT Academy. In doing so, your child(ren) will gain additional knowledge and strategies to facilitate their success on FCAT. 2.0. Please see the section in our newsletter under “Parents Need to Know” for FCAT 2.0 test dates. Should you have any further questions regarding this, please contactme at 954-343-9960.

Moreover, in our efforts to personify excellence and ensure your child’s success both onthe FCAT 2.0 and throughout the school year, we are asking for your continued supportand cooperation.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. C. Phillips,

Director of Schools


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