A program designed for girls who are strong, willing, visionary, and purposed!



To develop a program that instills the values of the seven principles of the Nguza Saba and to empower as leaders with self confidence, self esteem, and pride in their personal and professional relationships.  Also, to promote positive attitudes and successful relationships with others.


Our vision is to see our girls develop pride in themselves and to offer experiences otherwise unavailable to them.  In addition, our vision is to see our girls become productive and contributing members to their school, family, and community, while promoting their vision, creativity, talents, and dreams.


Become change agents of their environments, learn empowerment and successful practices, develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, encourage entrepreneurial initiatives, participate in community and civic activities, develop and cultivate positive health relationships, develop financial management skills, accept personal accountability and responsibility, to promote unity in all ways, develop critical thinking skills, aspire for greatness, respect traditions and rituals, drug/pregnancy/abstinence awareness, develop oratorical and public speaking skills, embrace the elements of finer womanhood, practice self discipline and develop inner strength and have a vision and plan to their lives.

Our Process:

The program will be implemented in the format of workshops and trainings for all girl in grades 6-12.  The culminating event will be a Debutante Cotillion for their formal presentation to the world and society.  Girls 6-9th grade will be pre-debutantes, Girls 10th-11th Grade will be sub-debutantes, and 12th grade Girls will be Debutantes.  The cotillion will be held in the Spring.

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