Sons Of Timbuktu

For the past decade, alarming reports on the state of black manhood have been published. With an excessive number of black males incarnated, being killed, and addicted to drugs, etc., the Rites of Passage Program (ROP) will address this critical state of affairs. Many of these maladaptive behaviors start at a time when youth are supposed to be making the critical transition from childhood to adolescence and from adolescence into adulthood by searching for and developing positive identities.

We at the Lauderdale Lakes Educational Complex strive to provide a comprehensive, integrated, pro-social program in the school environment, that assist our youth in making these major life transitions.

The goal of the ROP is to develop healthy, culturally aware, responsible balanced males. We do not believe that our students are bad, but are capable of making bad decisions. They will be exposed to a wide variety of learning opportunities that will assist them in gaining a better understanding of who they are and how they will think through challenges when confronted.


Based on ancestral Rites of Passage, this program develops a community of empowered young men through positive exposure and experiences that promote leadership, healthy relationships, self-confidence and best practices for success.


Through the Rites of Passage Program, we will coach these young men to development  their visions for  empowerment, personal achievement and success.  By doing so, we create changes in the way these young men respond to their families, peers, school and communities.


  • Become change agents of their environment
  • Learn empowerment and success practices
  • Reward success through achievement
  • Implement mentoring positive professional images
  • Develop confidence in public speaking
  • Encourage entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Become aware of civic duties
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • Develop functional decision making skills
  • Develop financial management skills
  • Practice personal accountability
  • Respect historical perspectives and literature


7 Tenants of the Rites of Passage

These are the building blocks for an empowered community:

  1. Community Service
  2. Goal Setting for Delayed Gratification
  3. Holistic Self Maintenance
  4. Develop Self Determination, Inner Strength and Perseverance
  5. Personal & World View Awareness
  6. Self Discipline
  7. Vision


The Process:

This program will be implemented through integrating the practices into our school design and culture.  Also practices will be implemented through off campus workshops for all males in the 6th through 12th grades. Some of our practices consist of the following:


  • Learning Tai Chi and Meditation
  • How to make functional decisions for success
  • Community Service
  • Slam Poetry Performances
  • Team Building Activities and Sports
  • Initiations through the Heroes Journey
  • Creating Video Documentaries on personal and world views.




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